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  • The Studio Challenge

    “I strongly suggest you join this amazing group if you want to improve your business and speed up the process. It doesn't matter if you are a solo teacher or large studio, there is something that will help everyone grow!

    My school will be celebrating 20 years next year, and with over 600 students I still find massive value in the membership group!

    Make 2020 your best year yet and invest in yourself! ”

    Music Tech Studios

  • The Studio Challenge

    “You won't find a more encouraging, empathetic, constructive group of teachers/ studio owners anywhere, and the best part is we have people from all over the world doing the exact same things we're doing and sharing about it...

    In the membership group we're working toward the same goals, being the absolute best we can be, and we have access to all the content!

    It's EXACTLY what I've needed to restructure the chaos that has been my business. Shane is succinct, methodical, organized, and level-headed about his approach to this industry. ”

    Maue Music Studios

  • The Studio Challenge

    “I'm finally saving for retirement! I started with about 30 students. With Shane's consultation in every aspect of business for my studio, I've grown now to 49 students and maxed out! First time in my life, I'm making enough money to feel comfortable!! Thanks again :)”

    Stone Oak Piano Studio

  • The Studio Challenge

    “I have been working with Shane since he started.
    He has helped me to refine my vision, set goals, and helped me take it to the next level.”

    G4 Guitar Ashford and Beginner Guitar Academy

  • The Studio Challenge

    “I joined the membership a few months back, and have really appreciated the help and guidance. The amount of content is amazing!”

    Sunny Bee Music & Art Center

  • The Studio Challenge

    “I’ve done other trainings and such and I learned but I didn’t LEARN. I didn’t have the support. And, the MOST frustrating part was all the trainings were geared towards people in big cities with lots of competition.

    Living in the mountains of NC, I am definitely not one of those people. And so, I would feel like I wasted my money because it didn’t help me as much as they said it would.

    But this group is awesome. Everything is based on your individual situation and you have time to actually THINK about what you need to do. You move at your own pace.

    I highly recommend it and this is coming from someone who thought she had sworn off groups like this. The membership group is awesome.”

    Wonderworks Learning and Arts

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