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Music Teachers and Studio Owners!

The uncertainty of this pandemic has led us all to worry about what this Fall semester and new school year holds...

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- Will I be able to fill my open slots this Fall? 


- Will students be willing to sign up for lessons in person or online? 


- How can I get new students right now?


Let us unite and challenge one another to break through this and have studios FULL of happy students... NOW! 

This 5 day challenge is EXACTLY that:

Let's get YOU 5 NEW students in... 5 DAYS. 

Each day you will receive one simple task which will lead you to filling those open slots in your schedule.

You should not only leave this challenge gaining more students and income, but you should also leave with more leads for future students, and connections with fellow studio owners whom you can talk to and seek advice from on your journey. 

We don't want you to just SURVIVE 2020...

NOW is your time to THRIVE!

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Let us know you're in and get ready! 

You can register for free, or grab the workbook and an exclusive group coaching session for $17. 

Join The Private Facebook Group

This is where we will post the videos for each day's challenge and your homework!

Connect with us and fellow dedicated studio owners to receive motivation and ask questions. 

Write down your goals.

Make a list of every spot you have open in you and your teacher's schedules. Prioritize the spots you want to fill first. 

Get Ready!

This is going to be an amazing experience! 

Save the challenge dates on your calendar, and be on the lookout for your workbook and the schedule of videos!

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