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Week 1: Core Values

What are your Core Values?


What does that have to do with this month's challenge?


Your values define both you as a person, and how you do business. If you are not careful, you can contradict or stray from your core values.

 To prevent this from happening, you need to identify your core values and have them in hand when you are creating a game plan to achieving your goals.


Want to make more money?

 What if one of your core values is protecting your time with your family?


Without writing out your core values, it would be easy to write out your game plan for making more money is to increase your teaching hours.


"It's fine," you might say to yourself.


"It's just temporary. I'll have to pull away from my family to work harder right now, but then I'll fix it after I achieve my financial goals."


NO! There are other ways you can achieve your financial goals without breaking your core values!


You just have to think outside the box.


Write out your core values and compare every decision you make this year to them.


Hang it on the wall you face when you work at your computer.


Review them daily.


Protect them.


Mike Michalowicz (Profit First, Pumpkin, Plan, Clockwork, etc) has some really great things to say on this subject.


He calls these his Immutable Laws.

Check it out:


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