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Week 4: Hurdles and Distractions

We all know how this goes, right?


You set goals. You set a plan to achieve your goals. You put habits in place to keep you on track to achieving your goals.


- But then the phone rings and you find out your uncle had a stroke and is in the hospital.


- You have a major fight with your spouse.


- You end up breaking your arm when you fall down a hill on a hike and you have to figure out how to teach your piano students when you can't play.


- The water pipes to your house burst, and you now have to tackle a bunch of major home improvements.


I don't want to be a "Debbie Downer," but hurdles and distractions WILL happen. They'll happen this week, this month, this year.


Some you'll just brush off, but others will knock you out and have you sitting on the couch in your underwear, binge watching Tiger King.


When these events happen, does that mean you can't achieve your goals?


Nope. Sure, they throw a wrench in things and make things more difficult, but you CAN get through them and stay on track.




It will definitely be easier to stay on track when you are putting your habits to work, but I think another big lifeline you need to hold tight is:


Accountability and Community.


TALK TO PEOPLE. You have a HUGE community of people in The Studio Challenge who are on a similar journey as you! And NONE of us are perfect. We ALL have crap we have to deal with and push through.


Allow yourself to be vulnerable. You HAVE to be open to putting your issues out there.

If you want to keep going, share and get community help.


Also, don't forget to reminding yourself you are a person who ___. (Remember our talk on Habits in Week 3?)


Also, consider rewarding yourself! What could motivate you on a daily basis? Weekly? Monthly?


Remember, hurdles and distractions WILL happen, but they don't have to cancel out your goals! BUT if you could get just 1 % better each day... you can 37x better in a year!


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