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Week 2: Goals

It's time to look at your current, realistic, and crazy Goals


To achieve a goal, you must measure your growth. To measure growth, you must be objective.


You can’t say, “I want to feel better!” because how do you know when you’ve achieved it?


To measure growth, you must have a starting point.


How do you know you’re growing if you don’t know where you started?


From your starting point, it is important to set yourself a Realistic Goal and timetable to reach it.


Your Realistic Goal is what you can expect in a set time frame with a reasonable amount of effort. Your Crazy Goal is another story entirely. Think of it as your ceiling.


If EVERYTHING goes your way, where could you be within the same time frame?


If suddenly you start getting 10 phone calls every single day and don’t lose any students and all of your spots get filled and…You get the point. Your Crazy Goal is still attainable, just not likely.


Your Crazy Goal is what would happen if you worked like crazy and also got lucky at every turn. It is your best possible outcome, while still being realistic.



Your Realistic Goal is made up of two parts: a numerical goal and a time frame.


“My Realistic Goal is to reach 100 students by May 1st.”


Numerical Goal. Timeframe. Compare that to,


“I want to sign up more students and make more money!”


No Numerical Goal. No Timeframe. No way to track or measure it, yet so many teachers fall into this generic trap. Like a unicorn, it sounds nice but it isn't real or attainable.


See the difference?


Once you’ve thought through a few of these, run your potential Realistic Goal through the Reality Filter to make sure it checks out.


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